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Gazette media community @ LJ

the GazettE Media Community @ LJ
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Welcome to the Gazette Media community on LiveJournal.
This is a members only community, which means that you
have to join in order to view the entries. Both
contributions and requests are welcome.
Please read the rules before joining or posting.

♪ A basic overview of what is allowed to be posted:

01: Music
02: Videos
03: Images (Your own scans, screencaps, graphics, fanart)
04: Requests for any type of media
05: Fan Projects

♪ Bear in mind that anything not on this list may be deleted.

A basic overview of what is definitely not allowed to be posted:
01: Fanfiction
02: Advertisements for RPGs, blog crews, and non-Gazette specific communities and websites
03: Graphic tutorials. Those should be posted in a graphics-related comm.
04: FC Material as of October 02, 2008.
05: Sales posts (this also includes want-to-buy posts) as of January 01, 2012

As of 01/01/2012, sales posts and want-to-buy posts are no longer allowed in gazette_media. Kindly redirect your sales posts to gazette_sales.

♪ Contact the mods:

distressedcoma | immunity | kotsurin

♪ 01: ONLY Gazette media may be posted. Media from previous bands (such as kar+te=zyanose, ma'die kusse, mareydi†creia) are allowed as well.

♪ 02: All posts must be friends-locked. Posts that violate this rule will be deleted immediately.
♪ 03: Be polite to each other, no flaming, bashing or wank towards the band or other members of the community. Opinions that are seemingly offensive and do not contain constructive criticism are highly discouraged.
♪ 04: Please tag all your entries! Check the tag list for that.

♪ 05: Use an LJ-Cut for images that are more than 300 pixels in width. Only one picture outside the cut is allowed. Put longer text under a cut, too.
♪ 06: Media that has any type of yaoi content must be placed behind an LJ-cut and must have some sort of an age-rating outside of the LJ-cut.
♪ 07: Please put images and any content that may be disturbing/offensive to others under a cut and place a warning.

♪ 08: If a link needs to be re-uploaded, leave a comment on the post asking the uploader to re-upload the links for you (within a reasonable amount--there's no need to annoy them, they get the point).
♪ 09: Remember to comment/thank people for their uploads. Comments motivate people to upload more and helps keep track of the number of downloads.

♪ 10: Requests should be within a reasonable amount, use your common sense and think of others. (Don't expect all of Gazette's songs/pvs/live clips to be uploaded for you.)
♪ 11: If you are requesting something, try to include some sort of bribe in your entry, whether it's images, videos or music-- any sort of media is welcome as a bribe.

♪ 12: Please credit others if/when they wish to be credited for their uploads. Especially if you are sharing uploads that are not your own or are from a different source other than LJ.
♪ 13: Only post official pictures, screencaps or images that you have scanned yourself. There are a number of Jrock gallery sites and scanners who don't want their images posted anywhere else. Also add a (official) source, if you have one.

♪ 14: You must post at least five icons or two wallpapers/banners if you are posting graphics. Layouts are exempt from this rule. Posts that violate this rule will be deleted immediately.

♪ 15: All and any new releases may only be shared after 24 hours from the release date.
♪ 16: Please delete all downloaded files after 48 hours. Consider supporting the artists by buying their releases (this is supposedly for legal purposes).

♪ If your entry breaks any one of these rules, you may have 24 hours to fix it. If not, your entry may be deleted.


the GazettE Magazine Database: A-G | H-Z


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